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Pulpits for Your Church

Suburban Church Supply has natural wood pulpits, custom made in oak, sycamore or pine, in natural finish, stained or painted. They are sold individually or in furniture sets.  The Pulpit of your church is the center of attention from every member of your congregation and every visitor to your church.  The pulpit is the center piece of your church furniture and, as such, deserves careful consideration for new church construction, restoration, or interior upgrade.  We carry many styles of pulpits for your consideration and can match your existing chancel furniture or provide a complete chancel set  complete with pulpit.  We have posted a few examples below of the many styles we have available.  If you do not see a pulpit below that meets your needs, please give us a call and we will find the right pulpit for your church.

Below are a few samples of the many Pulpits we have on hand and can be ordered individually or as a set of Chancel Furniture.  Custom made pulpits are also available.

Pulpits, Lecterns & Speaker Stands
Pulpit 3601

Pulpit Styles

Custom Colonial Pulpits


Custom Stained Pulpits


Pulpits, Lecterns & Speaker Stands
Pulpit 1601
48" W x 20" D x 45" H


Pulpits, Lecterns & Speaker Stands
 Pulpit 2301
40" W x 20" D x 45" H


Pulpit Dumas
Pulpit 1801
48" W x 19" D x 46" H


Dumas pulpit
Pulpit 1701
48" W x 19" D x 46" H


wood pulpit
Pulpit 3201
48" W x 20" D x 46" H


pulpit photos
Pulpit 3401
48" W x 19" D x 46" H


pulpits for sale by dumas
Pulpit 1301
48" W x 22" D x 46" H


Pulpit wood pulpit
Pulpit 1401
48" W x 20" D x 48" H


Pulpit 2001
36”W x 24”D x 46”H


Cross Pulpit 2401


Pulpit 1901
32”W x 25”D x 45”H

Cross Pulpit 2201




pulpit Dumas pulpit
Pulpit 3001
48" W x 20" D x 50" H


church speaker stand
Pulpit 3901
48” W x 20” D x 48” H


colonial style pulpit
Pulpit 1601  (Colonial)
48" W x 20" D x 45" H


white pulpit
Pulpit 1501  (Colonial)
48" W x 20" D x 48" H


colonial pulpit open design
Pulpit 3801
60” W x 22” D x 48” H


pulpit stand
Pulpit 2001
36” W x 24” D x 46” H


church pulpit colonial
Pulpit 8101
36” W x 24” D x 46” H


Pulpit 3501

36”W x 24”D x 48” H


Pulpit 3301 (Colonial Only)
36"W x 22"D x 48"H
(with or without glass)

Custom Stained Pulpits


Suburban Church Supply also sells other church furniture including church podiums, church speaker stands, chancel furniture, pulpit chairs, communion tables, flower stands, prayer rails, pews, worship seating, choir chairs,  kneelers, church furnishings, and worship seating.  Quality church furniture for sale at affordable prices. We serve the states of  Alabama, Georgia, Florida,  North Carolina, South Carolina & Eastern Tennessee.



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